Through the unity of bringing the two of you together as partners, you also bring
your children.

Groom and Bride, Will you honor, respect and empower these children? Will you
mentor as a responsible and loving role model? Will you listen, play and provide
security and safety?

Groom and Bride, I do.

Children: Will you accept Groom’s / Bride’s love for you as your friend and parent, to
love you, listen to you and give you hugs?

I do

Each  of you have a separate container of sand – a color as I understand each of
you has selected. By pouring your sand into this cylinder, your sand mixes and
blends with each other’s sand. It signifies all of you joining together here as a family.
Go ahead and pour your sand.

Do each of you promise to stand by each other as a family and to love each other in
good times and not so good times?

I do

Be it known in the times of difficulty you remember today… for your word is and will
always be the most important thing you will ever have.

Now, with your agreement and acceptance of each other, the sealing of this marriage
also seals the *union of you as a family.

* See Certificate of Union