A beautiful way to begin the wedding ...

This ceremony can be used as a stand alone or in conjunction to the Unity Candle

Mothers of the bride and groom walk together to the altar and face the officiant.

Officiant: “Today is all about love.”  

“A mother’s love is so special … you’ve nurtured your children from birth … to date …
through all of their experiences, teaching and preparing them for this special day …”

“The union of your children brings together two family traditions, two systems of
roots, in the hope that a new family tree may become strong and fruitful. Groom and
bride have made a personal choice and a decision to celebrate their love and
commitment to the other as being united here today as husband and wife, for which
they are primarily responsible. Yet they will be enriched by the support of the familes
from each comes."

“Today as the nurturer of your child, do you celebrate with them the decision they
have made to choose each other?”

Mother’s respond, “Yes”

“Will you continue to encourage groom and bride in their marriage?”

Mother’s respond, “Yes”

“Will you continue to stand beside them, supportive of their love and their growth,
individually and as a couple?”

Mother’s respond, “Yes”

Mother’s move to candles and standing across and facing each other the officant
says: “The two individual flames, representing each family, will demonstrate to us -
in a very beautiful way - the symbol of your children who become united here today
as husband and wife as well as the faith, wisdom, and love that your children have
received from you and their fathers’.”

“In this symbolic ceremony, please light a candle. May your light forever shine as
your children accept this gesture of your love.”

Return to altar

“As you leave here today, you shall no longer be separate families – you shall be
one.  Always and forever.”

Mother’s of the bride and groom return to their seats
Glenda Gibbs, Officiant